Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The apple harvest is in full swing

Apple harvest 2013 in the Adige Valley.


  1. Lovely images and it was nice to roll down and down, and finaly there is wonderful image.

  2. If I hadn't almost choked to death on a piece of apple the other day, these would look more inviting!

    They do look a lot better than what we can buy in our supermarkets, though! Delicious?

  3. I guess it's about time for my annual orchard visit. These are beautiful and look like they'd be wondeful to eat.

  4. Oh yum! Apple cider and apple pie! Two favorites.

  5. Thanks, now I'm going to have to go bake something with apples. Wonderful apple harvest photos. Give a thought to the bees that made it all possible.

  6. Nice shots with lovely colors and compositions.... well done Karl

    Greetings, Joop


  7. Fab images Karl, I have a bowl of exactly the same apples on my table right now..delish!

  8. Oooohh. Three wonderful images of the apple harvest. It is time to harvest apples in Connecticut, too, but I keep forgetting to get out to the orchards to take photos.


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