Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2015 Theme Day: What would you miss?

If I had to leave forever my city/province I would miss most my mountains,
my friends and my mother's language.

As a Bonus a Poem of my friend Roland Verra in Ladin language
(my mother's language)


Ala fin dl viac
te tieres dalonc
che duc va a crì
me sënti sota l ciarijé
y scoti su
la gotes pesoces
tuman tla veja
che les dlot...

L ncësa ie ulache
n uel redierjer
da uni marueia...

(Roland Verra)


At the end of the voyage
in faraway countries
all are craving for
I sit down
under the cherry-tree
and listen
to the heavy drops
falling on the grass
and drowning there...

Your home is where
you want to return to
from any marvel...


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  1. Moving and extremely convincing... Great post, Karl!

  2. Beautifully said in both tongues.

  3. I love both the poem and the mountains.

  4. Three very good reasons never to leave Karl :)

  5. Love the poem. Love the idea of missing your mother's language. So poetic and the view is divine!


  6. Wonderful poetry and I too would miss mountains like that Karl! Language is a great choice as well,

  7. Love your choice for the theme day. Well done!

  8. Karl, through the years your photos have shown your love and understanding of your mountains. Thank you for sharing your vision.

  9. I happen to know that those are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world so I don't blame you! Wonderful post!

  10. That's a wonderful post. I would miss those mountains too.

  11. That's a lovely poem and a good choice for the day!

  12. Lovely post for Theme day Karl! The poem is wonderful.

  13. I love how you call them "my mountains." So true.
    Thanks for showing us what Ladin looks like. A beautiful post.

  14. Bei Dir ist es auch nicht schlecht Karl :-) und schönes Gedicht!

  15. What a superb poem...I think, Karl, if you move away it better be to Switzerland or to the Rocky Mountains in the USA! :)

  16. Beautiful mountains and a lovely view of them. I can see why you chose them for the theme day!

  17. Beautiful poetry, and those mountains are gorgeous!

  18. Lovely. And a language I previously knew nothing about....

  19. The mountains of South Tyrol are spectacular. It is easy to see why you would miss them. (And a fine bonus poem!)

  20. I can see why you'd miss the mountains. They are so beautiful!

  21. Important to leave old languages alive, I can also understand that you would miss the mountains.

  22. Ein wunderschöner Blick! Kann ich absolut verstehen, dass du deine Heimat vermissen würdest!

  23. I also would miss the mountains if I lived where you live.
    You had excellent reasons to stay to miss your home region.


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