Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Animal Street Signs

In South Tyrol, many road signs bring attention to animals...

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  1. I have never seen a cattle crossing road sign anywhere in my travels. And you have probably never seen our camel crossing signs here on the Negev highways.

  2. Its true what Dina says Karl, I haven't seen a stag sign but I bet you haven't seen a kangaroo or emu one either :))

  3. Unless these signs mean that there are cows or deer for the next 3 km, I don't know why motorists would need to know 3 km in advance that there may be cows or deer 3 km down the road. I hope they put another sign near where the cows actually are.

  4. I've seen these two signs before but I saw Grace's comment above. I've never seen a kangaroo warning.

  5. In some parts of Livorno we could use a sign with a big rat...

  6. Ah - yes! Such lovely signs and amazing countryside.

  7. We need more and more of these signs in the U.S. as many people can no longer read and understand. :)
    What a lush forest behind them.

    Re your question on Ocala: No, it's not a postcard, it's an old sign.

  8. The cow sign is a funny, I've never seen.
    We have deer signs.

  9. We get deer signs with words, not pictures. The animals we worry most about hitting cars are moose, which are like deer but two or three times as big.

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