Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mountain peak in the Vallunga

a detail of the rock
(did you see this detail in the first pic above?)

a closer detail of the rock

Mountain in the Vallunga / Langental - Gardena Valley.


  1. That is a craggy piece of rock. Love seeing the detail shots. Glad I don't have to climb this rock.

  2. Great detail there in the rock. The tree in the second photo looks so tiny when seeing against the rock. Nice images Karl.

  3. I'd rather look up than down.

  4. it kind of reminds me of disneyland's matterhorn! love the trees around the base and the one growing right out of the rock!

  5. Oh wow! Somehow I think of the fatal side of the monastery in The Name of the Rose.

    And those two brave trees up there, clinging for life.

  6. I bet rock climbers have tried this peak.

  7. That's quite a mountain top. I saw some of the detail but it took your photos to see it in all its glory. Super shots, Karl.

  8. That mountain is beckoning: come climb me.

  9. Those are stubborn trees to grow on that rock!


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