Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Merano by night

Festive atmosphere in Meran / Merano


  1. Magnificas estas fotografias nocturnas das iluminações.
    Um abraço e Bom Ano de 2017.

  2. It certainly has a festive look with all those beautiful lights. It also looks very cold! Brrrr.

  3. The electric company loves this and so do I.

  4. Thanks for these beautiful shots. I've been there in the summer but the winter is when it sparkles.

  5. Those hanging lights are fantastic. And what a festive place.

  6. Happy New Year, Karl. Your photos of the festive holiday lights are fine. They give a feel of people having a good time.
    BTW, you might want to check out my blog once more today as I change changed the photo. The sun dogs this morning were spectacular, so I made the change. I think it is an improvement.

  7. What beautiful lights and people out still enjoying them. Looks cold! We have been getting nicer days but then the rain, wind and cold take over again.

  8. Belle decorazioni! Ciao, Arianna


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