Thursday, July 4, 2013

Garden Gnome

Gnome in a garden in Bulla / Pufels - Gardena Valley


Arija said...

Unser Sohn hat uns einen vor Jahre Geschenk. Er sieh genau so aus wie unser verstorbener Nachbar, also wird er in Ehren gehalten. Mir liegt eine Rosen umringte Bank viel näher an Herzen als ein Gartenzwerg.
Wenn sie alt werden wie dieser, dann mag ich sie doch.

Sharon said...

Looks like he's been guarding that garden for quite a while.

Lowell said...

I used to know a gnome
Here in Happy Valley
But he was all alone
And sat at home sadly
I told him of your gnome
Hoping he would rally
To news of a gnome friend
In Gardena Valley.

Alas, my gnome has gone
To where I do not know
But if it happens
You should see
A gnome a-walking sadly
Please be kind because
The gnome may be my gnome
From here in Happy Valley.

VP said...

I do not like them much, but it is always nice to see some gnomes around!

cieldequimper said...

I'm like VP, I don't like them but they invariably make me smile and remind me of Amélie Poulain...

Sofia said...

I love gnomes! :)

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