Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Odles Mountains

The Odles - view from Vilnöss / Val di Funes


  1. The clothes line makes this picture special.

  2. The mountains in the background look amazingly like the Razor Mts. in New Mexico. I, too, enjoy the clothesline as a contrast to the natural scene.

  3. I love the contrast between the gorgeous mountain scenery and the clothes on the clothes line. Excellent shot!

  4. At first I thought your title said "Oodles of mountains," meaning a lot of them. :-)

    You won't see such a sight in Florida, where the highest elevation is about 200 feet and much of it is at 10 feet!

    You also won't see very many clotheslines in Florida. Everybody's got a dryer.

    Thus, no great pictures like this. Which is a shame! Guess I'll have to visit Bolzano!

  5. The laundry is a sign of life in the shadow of the majestic mountains.

  6. Hi Karl...I know I left a comment yesterday but it must not have gone through.

    It is unlikely that one would find such a scene in this country...I don't know of mountains that look like these, although Kate mentions some in New Mexico with which I'm not familiar. It is also unlikely you'd find many people who hang clothes outside to dry. Most folks have dryers. I'm not sure that's a good thing! :-)

  7. The contrast between the clothes on the line and the mountains is terrific. Keep up the good work. Spectacular shot.

  8. This is contemporary ART!!


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