Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marble & Apricots

Marmor und Marillen

(Italian: Marmo e Albicocche - English: Marble and Apricots)

Last Sunday (August 4, 2013) I went to Laas to attend the traditional festival "Marble and Apricots".
I began my visit with a coffee with a bit milk (we call it "macchiato") and a "special" sugar, packaged specially for this event.

This was the 14th Edition and the main street of Laas / Lasa turned into a market with many stalls.

There were offered, in addition to apricots and marble items, other local products such as handicrafts, Vinschger bread, honey, marmalades, herbs, liquor, cheese ...

Especially popular were the pastries, all prepared with apricots.

For lunch we had local food and for entertainment there was beautiful music played by local bands (in the pictures below the music band of Glurns) and by other guest music groups.

I was particularly impressed by a small family band, which came from Hungary.

If you like to watch a short video with an example of their street performance, click here.

Even the kids had fun in the various play areas.

Goodbye until the next edition in 2014.

Why a "Marble and Apricots" Festival?
Because these are two very important products of Laas and the Vinschgau.
And they give us a nice combination, also a nice color combination (white and orange).

The Laas marble made the village of Laas world famous. Experts say it is the most beautiful white marble you can find.
Particularly in the area of Laas, many farmers have been brought back to the apricot growing in recent decades. And the housewives swear here on the sweet and sun-kissed apricot of the valley. For recipes like the famous apricot dumplings or apricot jam there is no better kind!

Sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted show you an overall view of this nice event.
More photos I took last Sunday will be posted on this blog in the future, even if not strictly related with this festival.


  1. I am glad you showed all this, Karl. What a feast!

  2. Karl, this must be a fabulous festival. The food alone would entice me to attend. Great series of photos of people and food.

  3. Yummy! This looks like a great event.

  4. Well I like both marble and apricots, but in this instant those juicy apricots look the tastiest.. Beautifully shown here Karl.

  5. Karl, this post is fascinating. A wonderful event and a series of wonderful photos. It is the kind of event I would love!

  6. I would have enjoyed this very much. I love apricots and your photos of the food have made me hungry. I might have see if I can find something good to eat now.

  7. Thank you very much, Karl. This is a delightful post and I enjoyed every photo and caption and the video! Looks like great fun. I'm not an apricot fan but I think this has changed my mind and I know I would have enjoyed those pastries among other things. I shall look forward to more photos of this event. And I have a feeling that the marble from your area has been used in many of the homes of the very rich in this country!

    1. You are right, Lowell...
      The Laas marble is very precious... and also expensive.

  8. Don't worry about the length of the post, Karl: I enjoyed every image of it! Thank you for this various and excellent reportage about something I didn't know anything of. Please feel free to post even more pictures, these were wonderful...


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