Friday, August 15, 2014

Assumption of Mary

August 15 is one of the major festivities here in South Tyrol.

We celebrate this day as "Mariä Himmelfahrt" and also as "Ferragosto".
Last year I showed you the free time part, this year I present you the religious part...

Here we see the procession in the small village Unsere liebe Frau im Walde / Senale.


  1. I don't envy the gentleman carrying the banner. What if there had been a wind? Whew!

  2. This village really takes it seriously. Thanks for all the nice pictures. Happy feast day!

  3. An impressive reportage, with some great pictures and beautiful costumes...

  4. Fantastic photos from this event Karl.

  5. Wow! You wouldn't see anything like that in this country! These photos should be collected into a booklet and presented to those in charge! They are phenomenal! I like the way you start from a distance with the procession winding by the church and then fill in the details with these superb photographs! It's all very from another world with the costumes...

  6. Stunning shots!

    The traditional clothing is quite striking, and the procession reminds me of one held here each year by the Italian community for St. Anthony, including the carrying of banners and religious icons.

  7. What a wonderful tradition. Lovely shots.

  8. Since Berlin is a protestant Land, we don't get this holiday. :(
    Love the marching band though. Looks like fun!

  9. Karl, I love your photos from this traditional procession. When I travel, what I like seeing most are festivals and other big days that the local people are celebrating for themselves, not for visitors.


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