Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stoanerne Mandln

"Stoanerne Mandln" in Langtaufers (Valley).

One man took a stone and put it on another stone, he still took another stone and put it on the top, and so on... A second man saw this and did the same, then a third, a fourth and so on ... So an entire city arose....
Well, a city is not true because they are not towers and not skyscrapers.

They are STONE MEN, we call them "Stoanerne Mandln".

On the mountains were never built towers or high-rise buildings, but just stone men or stone figures.

South Tyrolean: "Stoanerne Mandln"
German: "Steinerne Männchen" or "Steinerne Männlein"
Italian: "Omini di pietra"

A famous place here in South Tyrol is the Salto plateau in the Val Sarentino.
There you can find more than 100 "Stoanerne Mandln", partially dated back to 1540.


  1. Fascinating!! There seems to be a good sense of equilibrium in that valley ...

    Karl, do you believe in "Orte der Kraft," like where they measure it in Boviseinheiten?

  2. Stacking stones is popular all around the world these days.

  3. I've seen cairns in many, many places in the US and Europe. There must be something in our human genome that makes us want to build these things. Your shots of these are wonderful !

  4. Interesting for me to see since my daughter has been building them on beaches around the world for many, many years. She makes quite intricately balanced ones and does not mind the sea taking and re-arranging them.

  5. Finally, the answer to why people build. :-)

  6. Beautiful detail shots Karl, love your focus.. such an interesting link and I choose to believe that witches DID dance among the stone men :)

  7. What a sight to see! Over here we call them "cairns". I've never seen a whole field of them like this before. It's quite beautiful.

  8. Never heard of this, and I like it much!

  9. Some of them remind me of the inukshuks we see here. Beautiful shots, Karl, and a stunning setting!

  10. Nun, William hat vor mir kommentiert, ich habe auch die Ähnlichkeit mit Inukshuk gesehen. Einfach zu schön!

  11. Another fascinating place to see in your wonderful region!

  12. These are very cool. I've seen that done in the US, too. Great fun!


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