Thursday, June 23, 2011

The old Hotel "Paradiso" in the Martell Valley

This hotel was built in 1936 at the bottom of the Val Martello valley at an altitude of 2,160 metres in front of Mount Cevedale. It was a facility designed to take customers belonging to different social classes with a careful hierarchy of communal and private services which gave rise to much criticism and debate at the time. The body of the building was partly linear and partly curved in shape, rising to three storeys with the main rooms located in the convex curve of the front. One distinctive feature of the interiors was the use of colour (Ponti developed his study of this in that period), which identified spatial fields and suggested visual lines and directions. In the years after the war the hotel was purchased by a Venetian shipowner Benati, who added two floors and partially enlarged it. It operated for a few years and has been closed down since 1955. Today it is in a serious state of disrepair, although the structure is still standing.
Font: Franco Angeli Editions.

More informations about the Architect Giò Ponti:


  1. What an unusual place. So interesting.

  2. Interesting structure... nicely captured! I really enjoy this burnt sienna color...

  3. It is certainly unusual. Closed in 1955? That is 56 years ago! And still standing? Amazing.

  4. What an interesting place. Good be the basis for a great YHA.

  5. I am with Madge, love the colour. I think Mark has a point too it would perhaps make a great YHA hostel. Be sad for it to be lost.

  6. That hotel is a real treasure. It's like a work of art. I wonder, how many rooms are there?
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  7. Was this the Hotel Paradiso run by Friedrich Schwend in the last days of WWII?

    1. Yes. It was purchased and run by him, allegedly used as a safe route


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